Who we are

The Householders are a group of musician yogis with the intention to bring the spirit, heart, and philosophy of nonviolence and inclusivity into a world that is currently overwhelmed by fear, doubt, and divisiveness. Grounded in the philosophy and practice of “including all and excluding none”, The Householders weave an uncommon tapestry of hiphop, electronica, kirtan, and soul into a unique synthesis of dance and devotion.

The Householders are David Goddard, Zach Ketterhagen, Phil Petrie, Nema Nyar, and Jaylen Green. David, Zach, Phil, and Nema, met at the Himalayan Institute, a yoga ashram in northeast Pennsylvania. After combining their diverse talents in jazz, hip-hop, electronica, and Indian devotional singing, they released their first album, Songs for Kali in 2013 . Jaylen Green joined soon after, adding her outstanding vocal and writing talents to Stand Up (2014) and Yama (2015).

With an eclectic mix of ancient and modern, The Householders have one foot firmly planted in the East while the other is kicking up a storm in the West.