1.Kali Durge

Kali Durge namo namah
Uma Parvati namo namah

Homage to the Divine Mother in her terrific form, Kali; her protective form, Durga; her transcendence, Uma; daughter of the mountain, Parvati.
(Traditional chant)

Kali Rising
no surprise then
Mother D and me
close your eyes then
forms of her disguise
Durga, Kali, Parvati
Keep it in the family
As she holds me her son
That forever what I did for her once
Pray around the beat
to prostrate
destroyer of death and darkness
prayer to offer my mistakes to spark then
shades of a promise I’ll swear I’ll change
looking back at yesterday,
she holds me closer anyway
love of all omit one
only the head of anger and hatred done
follow me, with perennial shakti
Mother D, channel’em back with Bhakti

2. Govindam Gopala

Govindam, Gopala
bhaja mana Krishna hare
He prabhu dina dayala
bhaja mana Krishna hare

O mind, meditate on the names of God: Govinda, Gopala, Krishna and Hari

(Traditional chant)

Yea I walk through the valley
of the shadow of death
I fear not evil I confess I’m still afraid of success
never wanted the fight to come to my door step
do what I’m told. stood in line
tell you I’m good as gold inside
still restless folk
from arrested development sown
ignore the decor
shore up the urge to defend and grow
We burning bridges and stay persistent
It’s the world we living in
try to envision
your brothers at the table
opposites attract
unable to act, you know the fable
Arjuna’s mission
to hold dharma stable
with Krishna looking within
to question what’s been given
drop to my knees still missing
Lord is my shepherd I shall not want
until I fell asleep, counting sheep
Govinda had the answer to the riddle
told me follow me
in turn I told him secrets
these dreams a witness to free me
from the head of my heart of mine
climb on the spine to speak and pave
a road to my mind
went with the left hand of bhakti
time to spill a vision tonight
hope for the modern man to get this
grab the mic and breathe life
I’m cursed to speak
to rise my verse beneath
no longer sheep, Govinda follow me.
Let’s walk. Hand in hand
you as my shepherd, me as the man
swallowed the moment
made these breaths golden
rest is unspoken, seeing your eyes grow
so close your eyes though
open your mind and let your heart unfold.

3. Jai Radha

When it seems the world's against you, rise up only you know your truth

Jai Radha Madhava, Jai kunja vihari
Jai Gopi jana vallabha, jai girvara dhari
Jashoda nandana brija jana ranjana
Jamuna tira banachari

Hail to Radha and Madhava, the Lord who plays in the vined canopy of the universe. Hail to the Lord of the gopis, who held the mountain in His hand for the sake of His devotees. Hail to the Lord, the son of Yashoda, the One who grants happiness to the people of Brija and plays His games at the bank of the Yamuna river.

Heard that Krishna laid
with the women of his day
plots to assassinate
escaped all the drama
all his war games
hail, to the man he became
wouldn’t know what to call him
a God or a sage
lost in the names
dive into a path he paved
Jai Radha all chant his name
now all the rage
Left hand bhakti just be the change

Jai Radha Madhava, Jai kunja vihari
Jai Gopi jana vallabha, jai girvara dhari
Jashoda nandana brija jana ranjana
Jamuna tira banachari

Once upon a time
tell you a burden of mine
left town to burn this down
stumbled to find me
looked outward and found
the blunts, the stunts, the shots
the plots thickens with drinking the women the rush
all in on a whim, name it the drugs that hold your hand
through the shoulder shrugs
and times were mixed searching for love
stumbled into lust
pick your addiction it’s all the same where I’m from
got lost for sometime, chasing rock bottom with Z
came back around, the prodigal son returned to me
got no money just one wish to be
a dharma warrior
not afraid of war to find peace
not afraid of the road behind me
wake all the energy to find thee
untie the blinds that blind Z
in fact close your eyes, enjoy the silent
to find your mind that riots
the minds escapes we painted violet
still fantastic, grow so fast if you tap it
mind over matter, a tendency after after
we built, it wilts, and whither and will Z, thrill me, fill me
with music, hip hop and movement
let the story rest for now before we lose this
yeah we’ll be tested again for now we’re blessed
life keeps moving
let me think, same skin, changed within
when I’m born again with every breath I make
unfold through the man remade, welcome to a new world order
framed with the left hand bhakti we pray just be the change

4. Samba Sada Shiva

Samba Sada Shiva
Hara Shambho
He girijavar
Hara Shambho
He karuna kara
Hara Shambho

Chant the name of the Eternal Auspicious One, Destroyer of Illusion
Dweller on the Mountain
Giver of Compassion
(Traditional chant)

5. Shadow on the Dance Floor

this is for my shadow on the dance floor,
don't stop dancing, we want more.
put your hands up in the sky,
we're gonna rock out with our best self tonight.

making moves that you just can't see,
there's more to life you and me,
I am my witness, this life forever LHB

Jai jai jai giri raja kishori
Jai mahesha mukha Chandra chakori
Jai sada vandana gajanana Mata
Jagata Janani damini duti gata

Chant the name of the Eternal Auspicious One, Destroyer of Illusion, Dweller on the Mountain, Giver of Compassion.
(Traditional chant)

dance of a heart beat, I
awake dancing in the dark see
tonight grab the mic with passion
lasting, never stop dancing
waves of mind
take one step at a time,
wade through the rhyme,
the head of the heart of mine, divine.
take my hand,
never look back at the shadow, my chance,
grab the moment at last,
unmask Z happens that fast,
over with a flash, he's back.
got to be, see me, I'm the zombie,
someone light the fire pull trigger and stop me,
when you’re tired let's take turns,
on the mic and word
like your soul was stirred,
we all got shadows
just don't stop dancing
we prefer and so we heard
the dance and words immersed,
and this is for the shadow rehearsed
please no curse, check your coat
at the door and check your purse
warning leave your things
for the end of the verse

6. Sita Ram

Sita Ram, Sita Ram,
Sita Ram jaya Sita Ram
Radhe Shyam, Radhe Shyam,
Radhe Shyam jaya Radhe Shyam

Both Ram and Krishna (Shyam) are the Supreme divinity that incarnated to restore order when the sustainability of life was threatened. Sita and Radha are their feminine counterparts.
(Traditional chant)

7. Something’s Gotta Give

We turned flows of our embarrassment
into rational reason just to reach myself so I can breathe again
Now I’m working to mend, my past future and present blend
when you’re a prospect, seeds to stay patient to the process
but my mind’s caught lurking filling wide open spaces bought in the progress
suspense becomes a problem
when you can’t prevent the depths of death
then it’s the travel maybe it's the journey instead
I’m unraveling answers but their the one’s you choose to not comprehend

stuck in your metaphors, absent minded so you set a course, a Jesus Camp for heave strong
but still forgot the mind body still belong
so you never forgive the path your brother is happy climbing on

something’s gotta happen
something’s gotta give
when I don’t have the answers
at least the one’s we want to live
when I can’t understand that’s when I have to give
my whole heart to listen
there's many a slipt twixt, the cup, and the upper lip of vision.

And here’s where I go off on a tangent
it’s adjacent to my offering it’s a hip hop stumbling, over wondering
and it’s counterintuitive, a situation I’m not used too
so should I wrap it up for you, with sprinkles to sugar coat the truth
with the lies you lay before me, playing make-belief and you call it a reality
on second thought, here’s the first thought, the knots that I saw it haunts me still to clause

8. Mero Man Chahe

Mero man chahe mukh dekhana ko
Shyama sundara giridhari darshan ko
Jo pa u mein darshan tumhare
Waru o mara ri tana mana dhana ko

My mind wants to see His face. My mind wants to have a vision of Shyama, the most beautiful, upholder of the mountain. I offer everything-- my whole life, body, mind and wealth--to get a glimpse of the Lord. (Traditional chant)

9. Bhajamana Ma Ma Ma Ma

Bhajamana Ma Ma Ma Ma
Ananda Mayi Ma Ma
Ananda rupa Ma Ma

Oh mind, chant “Mother Mother Mother Mother full-of-bliss Mother, whose form is blissful. (Traditional chant)

10. Call of a Heart Back

So close, but yet I still feel so far away, Today, lost my way, staring into yesterday, no surprise faded, culture making pace with, we crave then

bad habits filling-in the pavement
still wasted, 21 years of age
off to college, earning minimum wage.

Didn’t want to risk life took what’s safe
repressed the questions bubbling up wait,
passion blinds the most balanced minds,
dharma tested, purpose still a few steps behind.

so the moment took a back seat,
lifting the chant through the beat,
take you through the back streets,
maybe I got all I got from the mainstream.

addictions past, habits when they grip fast,
blasted to god and family save me, I’m sinking fast
have to forsake this to take the calling of a heart back.

Samba Sada Shiva
Hara Shambho

Chant the name of the Eternal Auspicious One
Destroyer of Illusion
(Traditional chant)

See, I got to get this off of my chest peacefully
so I tagged my walls with hip-hop to free Z
hollow out a heart to part from the anger, envy, greed, peace to these my enemies
you think you know me, you don’t, you know sides of Z,
I don’t even know myself I know a tendency.
Stranger to myself and that’s blasphemy, when a take the Lord’s
name Shiva Shambo crafting Z,
still slow dancing my cross at the crossroads that I dropped years ago,
for thoughts come and go blow in the wind and me down the road.
lets go, wake up, step back, step up,
clutch the mic, on the stage, spread love…
turn a new page,
remember the day,
moved in at the ashram,
when I flew a thousand miles away
love to tell you at once it was easy,
found peace and freed me,
But I took the good, band, the ugly.
Good and bad above me.
waste nothing, to make something

I twist it for the path
dissect the darkness to fill up my glass
many a slip twixt the cup and the lip to pass
so I keep an awkward eye
As I grasp cold to drink the water back.

Samba Sada Shiva
Hara Shambho

And when I look into my son’s,
Dante’s eyes, I see hope for the future in my mind’s eye.
I’m a father afraid to be his spirit guide,
cast him under a spell
a personality of mine
I hug D, tell’em it’s going to be okay
when it’s above me
dropped to my knees
give thanks to God and Shiva
changed my facade though it’s all good
raised through Jesus
let it be, never look back
forgive the past, I will never hold it again in these hands
so please, let bygones, be bygones,
what I mean to say is say is move on, just move on.
Day by day it’s the pain that motivates me to change minds
name one, I’ll change mine
pick up a brink from the rhyme
to build a road back to my mind.
brick by brick
I build my kingdom over this
to reach pieces of me
building it back in three
to reach divinity
building my family
that’s the only way I know how to change society
looking inside out
looking outside in
how do we change the shade so
we’re both looking within
own worst enemy,
listen to the echos of a heart beat
witness to the call of a heart back

Call of a heart back
Call of a heart back
Call of a heart back
Call of a heart back