1.Gaiye Gana Pati

Gaiye Ganapati jaga bandana
Shankara suvana bhavaani nandana

Sing the name Ganapati, Lord of individual
sparks of conciousness, son of Shiva,
who gives happiness. (More below)

I wonder as I wander through, I look back more often than I look to you, deep urge inside for the search of truth, prayers off my knees and on my feet. gaiye gana pati take flight tonight. Anahata flow as we rock the mic. lord let me live, let it be, and let me look within, when the light is dim. Hold me like a morning kiss, from the tip of tongue to the tip of my lips. Flip the switch on the metaphor spun and the mind once and the fire ignites transform the life force to change even the rigid and whatever this life that’s been given, be risen. Gaiye gana pati take flight tonight, Anahata flow as we rock the mic.

(The chant is part of a poem by Tulsidas. Original melody.)

“Gana means “individual beings, independent units, segments of light, discrete bodies of Divinity, unique forces, emanations of Divine Light, attendants of the main deity.” Isha means “one who is capable of doing what he wishes, capable of refraining from what he does not wish to do, and capable of undoing that which has already been done”--in short, the Almightly Lord.” Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Tantra Unveiled. (1999). pg 83.

2. Namaste Nation

when I free my mind,
shakes thoughts arise.
bow to the now,
the word vibrates in sound.
take the light for granted
with the unconscious dancing.
a call to unmask the abstract,
step back feel the contrast

echoes of a broken past,
before my eyes the future flashed.
concepts, the moment past,
the fear of the manifest.
waging battle on my spirit,
surrender to what's fearless,
see were bodies mixed of love and lust,
when love was hard to touch.
I’ll toss a prayer your way,
Namaste baby, Namaste

Namaste Namaste
Namaste Namaste
Namaste Namaste
Namaste Nation

to the ignorant there's nothing like truth,
to the innocent there's nothing to prove.
you laughed as told you my plans,
don’t know why I look inside,
your light’s too bright
all I find dark corners of my mind. check it.
woke up from a nightmare,
out of breath scared
a game of truth or dare,
a dare was made, dare to change,
pressing my limits from all these triggers
done with the obstacles, I'm topping down
all the walls that you put around,
ready to push, ready to outshine,
ready to take this glory of mine,
maybe my pride, an ego of mine.
my time to shine, follow the rhyme,
through my father's eyes.
take these dreams like a thief in the night.
will we ever mend, was this just a trend,
check-it, will we ever be lovers again,
you say, it’s never too late,
I pray forever, together we sing

Namaste Namaste
Namaste Namaste
Namaste Namaste
Namaste Nation

the kids that were breast fed,
sheltered myself and the blessed kids,
given the world, don't you feel restless,
given the world, much is expected.
pain over practice, emotions the atmos
life's roller coaster.
please not gun shots, the gun cocked,
drugs on the block or six feet.
But the mind is a funny means,
hands to my heart
what does it all mean.
asking these questions from the deep.
off my seat, off my knees,
walking the tight-rope, this life I wrote.
tapped the mind long ago,
now time is the filter that I got to forgo,
namaste humbly though.
facing the waves and the wind,
echoing upon the lake within,
earth's a vacation for the great ones.
welcome to to Namaste Nation, take one.
when a soul was stirred,
the nation got blurred,
in a word that's love in a verse that's,
Namaste om, namaste nation,
namaste baby, namaste once.

3. Everything

I was just sitting here,
Nothing out of the ordinary
That’s just when it comes
I close my eyes cuz it’s ruthless to watch

Do what you do, there’s no sense to fight
I’ve learned to wait it out, let it pass through the night
Round and around and around it goes
How is it that it knows exactly where to hold?

I can feel my heart reaching
I’m losing ground but I’m not leaving
Just breathe, let it be
Cuz the sooner I’m nothing, the sooner I’ll be Everything
Cuz we are Everything

What is this thing, this thing inside?
Is it alive or is it even mine?
I’ve tried to run but mostly try to hide,
All the shadows from taking all the love in my life

What else can I do and who else can I become?
I know I don’t know and it’s so hard not to run.
Fear is rising 'n I'm gettin lost in thinking,
This hole is too deep and I think that I’m sinking

I can feel my heart, reaching
Im losing ground but I’m not leaving
Just breathe, and let it be
The sooner I’m nothing, the sooner I’ll be Everything
Cuz we are Everything

What is real and what is true,
When all goes dark and my heart goes black and blue
Its like you know me better than I know I myself,
So if you’re gonna take me, take it now

But I can feel my heart, reaching
I’m losing ground but I’m not leaving
Just breathe and let it be
The sooner I’m nothing, the sooner I’ll be Everything
Cuz we Are everything

Oh just you wait, oh just you wait
We are Everything

4. Shining Star

You can lie,
you can cheat,
cover up your disguise
be a friend or the enemy,
you can sow, you can be
blow a hole through your heart,
sow shall you reap let go look see.
you can tell your truth,
you can be one of the billion to
defy the odds in the trillions move.
you can do anything, you put your mind to,
stand up let me hear you.
you can be fantastic,
be plastic, fanatic,
be graphic, hotter than acid,
higher than the last hit.
you can take flight
ravage the light
be the firefly or one of the aphids in hindsight.
back to the limelight,
you could hate blind like that,
mostly you fear me the rhymes we had,
drew a narrow line that’s that, and that’s a rap.

you can practice yoga, hindu, or jew,
you can be a fascist or catholic, be baptist,
wear any hat there is.
you can play it straight,
never hesitate your purpose
versing on the stage.
blast a journal page,
on the mic tonight
you can be that light,
you can ride, you can free your mind,
you can change the world for these boys and girls.

Om Namah Shivaya. (translation below)

Let go of the fear, that’s keeping you trapped here
The mission has never been so clear
Unbinding ever changing, we all look up to the same sky
Tell me no lies, cuz I’ll still break if you fall
Desire freedom beyond what man can give
Shining Star, don’t you recognize what you are

If desire had a face I would wear it
If desire fell from grace I’d hope to share it
All these thoughts minding ‘n winding in-and-outa-my questions
Where abiding nonsense eats us up like pretension
No sweat, no bluff just polish up the mirror
For fear and doubt linger only pull at your trigger, but-
Don’t believe in the hype, don’t believe in the lie,
cuz you can be anything you want it’s true
Be the light the dark, be the way through the valley,
be the dream that changes codes of reality
Let go of the concept, let go of the construct, make way for the fire to take flight
Illuminate with potential, follow your hearts glow, create new roots for love grow
Cuz be it freedom fighter artist, or teacher
Lead the way for the youth, by being authentically You

“According to tantric metaphysics, Shiva is Pure Consciousness. All powers, capacities, and capabilities are intrinsic to Shiva. Her power manifests in numberless names and forms, yet she remains above all. She is the source of both duality and non-duality and is untouched by confusion regarding duality and non-duality. Her pure will establishes law and order throughout the universe. Her light shines in the sun moon, and stars, and her life force pulsates in each of us. Shiva is our essence and om nama shivaya is the mantra for experiencing it….The popular meaning, “Salutations to Shiva,” is based on the mantra’s connection with Sanskrit. According to tantric metaphysics, however, the true meaning the shivaya is the mantric body of the purest state of consciousness; by merging our mind with this sound, we unite with Pure Consciousness….meditation on om namah shivaya is a process of embracing our own essence and becoming fully established in it.” Pandit Rajmani Tigunait The Secret of the Yoga Sutra Pp. 106-7.

5. Stand Up

We don’t need another Gandhi.
We don’t need another Martin Luther King.
We just need you to stand up,
like only you can stand up

We don’t need another Socrates.
We don’t need another Plato.
We just need you to stand up,
like only you can stand up.

Stand up or stand down
Just find your truth.
Stand up or stand down
Your choice to move.
Stand up, walking in these shoes.
Stand up, walking in these shoes.

We don’t need another Moses.
we don’t need another Abraham.
We just need you to stand up,
like only you can stand up.

Kids don’t need another Superman.
I don’t need another sidekick Robin.
We just need you to stand up,
like only you can stand up.

Om Ma Kali Ma
Sada guru sri mata
Para Shakti om ma kali
Sada guru shri mata

Om mother Kali
Sacred, bountiful mother, dispeller of ignorance
Your power is Supreme.
(How Kali dispels ignorance is told in the scripture, Devi Mahatmyam.) (Traditional chant)

We only want you if you want to. and I don't think we can do it without you. so stand up, stand tall. live your purpose, you’re the only person, who knows your verses. secret of the soul, is hidden and lurking, round the bends, bent, the self reflected. throw it up in the atmos, your practice, thought, speech, and action. those fearless show us in action. leaders who lead once we stop reacting. once upon a time, these great one's, take one, take 10, take the whole lot of them. tipping point of change, so live today as these great ones will never fade. me, it was gandhi who lit the fire up under me, his life, teaching, his memory, don't mince my words, I don't need another Gandhi, but I want one, and want to honor all the great ones who inspired us all, calling your name through the hall. so I just might rhyme like 'em, sign of the times, my time to shine, that’s our grind, live your rhyme, if your so inclined to lead, walk this line. not cause my father, not cause my mother, not cause my brother, not cause my sister, cause the fire it lit, and burned infinite. who's next in line, whose next of kin, take one look within. We don’t need another, take one look within. we don’t need another, take one look within. we just need you.

6. Kahat Kabir

Beet gaiye din bhajana bina re

Alas the days have passed without praising your name. (This is part of a bhajan by Kabir. (Original melody.)

7. Tantric

best from the east,
best of the west.
blend cultures, allegories,
really rapture stories.
do it tantric l’m your
master of ceremony.

witness and see,
dark in its glory.
flipping the script on ignorance was bliss,
clutch the mic,
to play these games with you.
sift through the minds canvas to color truth.
a view of the mainstream that framed me.
Got to go with super-human strength lately,
tantric inside of me.
blended alchemy,
the light, the dark, the rest is history, see.

now there's no oath, little hope,
the only trace we were here were the guns and the smoke.
living like you only live once.
the tantric rise from the ash to thee,
never YOLO
put on repeat, through the club,
what's up,
at the top of your lungs,
let’s do it tantric, love

Beet gaiye din bhajana bina re

Let’s do it tantric
wave of beauty
wave of bliss
ride the wave
it goes like this

you are who you are cause you say you are.
you are who you are cause you say you are.

Let's make it basic and broadcast it.
elastic like the lungs, filling with oxygen.
from the breath these depths,
never seen life then,
grinning, within from the warmth of the light.
wave of beauty and wave of bliss
simple you just missed, lost in the riddle
back in the middle,
swarming, close your eyes and get lifted.
warning, time flows all at once so get risen.

Let's make it basic and broadcast it.
Over and over like jurassic,
fantastic let's draw straws get graphic.
zig zagging the path, and we get after it.
little romance, with all this plastic,
thought traffic, led to a million antics
please don’t panic,
not black magic,
never was a wicki wicki
sex habit.
what you thought was not,
thought was hot,
it's all I got,
kept it local
stayed on top.
took this global
it's my shot.
never easy
to untie the knot.
today’s the day,
today’s today,
take tonight,
and dance away.
you're beautiful,
let that stay,
there’s got to be
a better way.
black or white,
but what about
all the gray.
close your eyes
it will be okay.
with no regrets,
try your best,
the clubs ring out,
I’m all about,
the wave and the sound,
put your hands up
round and round.
let’s do it tantric now.

Beet gaiye din bhajana bina re

Let’s do it tantric
wave of beauty
wave of bliss
ride the wave
it goes like this

you are who you are cause you say you are…
you are who you are cause you say you are…

wave of beauty
wave of bliss
ride the wave
it goes like this

Beet gaiye din bhajana bina re
Rama Hari

8. Mukunda Madhava

Mukunda Madhava Govinda bol
Shri Hari Shri Hari Hari Hari bol

Chant the divine names that refer to: Fire of freedom; the blissed-out Lord of Time; the One who helps us find the light within; holy destroyer of illusion.
(Translation below)

check it why do I do this?
why do I do what I do.

do I do this for the few in the room,
that are bobbing their heads to me and my muse.

do I do this for the thrill of the night,
I'll entertain
Ravaging the light,
lose yourself, take flight.

do I do this all in vein,
captured the flow over
the beat of the frame,
just to hear one thing,
can you tell me my name?

do I do this for me
a simple curiosity,
search for the mystery, visionary to carry,
chant to the next century.

Hari, hari bol

do I do this for those they think they know me,
slowly, realize I'm not the old Z,

do I do this for the verse,
built word by word,
to expound what's terse,
the unstruck sound, as we emerge.

do I do this for the cause, isolate my flaws, paused give'em strength because
hip hop is not what it was,
this is my offering,
this is my shot.

could everyone just,
get along,
to this sing along,
hare krishna
krishna krishna
hare rama
rama rama
why all the drama,

see you can leave your orange robes at home.
Sure bring your malas, God's or goddesses,
the chants and dance and OM's, if you gott'em hare Om.
Play this by heart, it doesn't matter where you start,
your heart is your home

do what I do cause I cannot do this, hollow out a broken heart,
jump start, from the mic, my part.
do what I do blessed with these questions, better to be lost than found still pressing, now through the speaker, your leader, soul seeker, go deeper through the meter, tap your heartbeat and free her.

return to the word, yearn for the verse, keep it simple, keep this terse. you asked for help, she came stealth, came as your partner, soul brother, your mother, your teacher, so many came, sent you lover after another, you still wait for the other. saving yourself your the perfect one.

throw your hands up like your done, self-proclaimed Brahman waiting to die, once upon a time, sat on the sidelines time went by. time is ticking, tick-tock on the clock, time I'm missing, must have chose this role million times, God as my witness, drink a thousand wines.

drunk on earth, spell at birth, follow the word, get on your feet,
welcome to the dance floor, follow me, step 1,2, 3, after the beat,
start wherever your at once, if you have too, just start acting,

if you’re lost in the trance, take my hand, understand, this fire's hotter than acid, here we melt personalities plastic.
we don't care if you're sweet like kirtan,
no matter rich or poor, are you pure in spirit. and if you're so damn sattvic, even you could use some rajas, check it all the tamas,

leave it on the dance floor, we want more. there’s no robbing, no cheating, no stealing. with your effort, give it your best foot. sweat to the sum of your self to come. on the dance floor, we want more, the night’s still young, let go a ton, feel the love, we are one.

More about the chant:

Mukunda: Mu refers to final emancipation; kunda is a pit for consecrated water or fire; thus, the fire which leads to freedom.

Hari is a name of Vishnu meaning “destroyer of illusion”.

Madhava is derived from madhu, which means sweetness, or honey. Or, Ma is the name of Vishnu referring to the moon, or time; dhava is Lord; thus, the Lord of Time. Another way of breaking up the words is: Mad, to be exhilarated, intoxicated, blissed out, and hava, a burnt offering; a calling; an invocation; thus, the invocation which intoxicates us.

Krishna refers to a black or dark-blue hue; consciousness.

Govinda: Go means “cow” but it also means “light”; vinda means “finder”; thus, He who helps us find the light within.

Bol means to recite or chant.

9. Samba Sada Shiva (Remix)

Samba Sada Shiva
Hari Hari bol
He girijavar
Hari Hari bol
He Karuna kara
Hari Hari bol

Chant the name of the Eternal Auspicious One, Destroyer of Illusion
Dweller on the Mountain
Giver of Compassion

Back to the household,
back to the heart and soul,
where the work gets done we churn brass to gold.

Home is where the heart is,
so I feel for those heartless.
But there's hope for every soul
regardless of their karmic roles.
you think we're playing games,
we're not, your wrong, we're playing for keeps,
beat of my heart song, we sing to free the wrong.
it’s a new day, welcome to the modern age,
year of the snake, whats a game,
Kala took the reins
got to be careful who's authentic what's in vein.
today the sun came,
but the sun will fade, tomorrow's today,
the night with dark it came and went.
pave a new road, this story's never been told.
this is the only way
free my heart, free my soul someday.
where desires go burn on the fire we yearn
and words get flow, the verse it glows
home is where the heart is, find your heart and harness
rich in spirit, hip hop we're fearless.
home is where the heart is, find your heart and harness
the spirit of kirtan, hip hop we're fearless c'mon

home is where the heart is, find your heart and harness
rich in spirit, hip hop we're fearless.
Home is where the heart is
spirit of kirtan, hip hop we're fearless

heard the rumors that I left the path,
man, now I'll never look back.

this ain't no hip hop phase, found my own way, call me a runaway.

call of a heart back,
we fall, we get back,
can never hold the past in my hands, the future's plans, the present dance.

pacing the shore, dip my toes
the water's too cold

can't afford, my last resort
border the skin, then jump within.

taking my cue off
K-OS paper cuts,
but he never went deep enough.

lose yourself in the moment, own it, you were chosen.

can't reach heaven
until you're willing to die then.

close your eyes if need be
making moves but you just can't see me. see me now.

home is where the heart is, find your heart and harness
rich in spirit, hip hop we're fearless.
home is where the heart is find your heart and harness
spirit of kirtan, hip hop we're fearless